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Letter: Farmers call out Bernier's politics

Canadian farmers have had their fill of Max Bernier’s alternative facts

Farmer are sick of Max Bernier’s – Federal Conservative Leadership Candidate mudslinging and are fighting back. On Mar. 28, the deadline for new Conservative members to join the party, a dairy farmer, egg farmer, chicken farmer and pork farmer released an open letter video directed straight at Mr. Bernier.

The video discusses the many false and sensationalist statements Mr. Bernier has made about farming and specifically supply management during his campaign.

“The leader of our country would not start his election campaign by picking a lightning rod issue which only 2 per cent of the population understands and turning the 98 per cent against them. The leader of our country would not spread lies like supply management harms consumers without facts. The leader of our country would not do all of this JUST TO GET TV Interviews to spread his base-less lies. And yet that is what you did,” Bruce Sargent states in the video.

Bruce was inspired to make the video after meeting Mr. Bernier at a campaign stop in Guelph. Bruce asked why Mr. Bernier was lying to votes by claiming milk cost two times more in Canada than the USA. Presenting statistics that Canadian dairy prices were comparable and competitive to the USA.

Mr. Bernier responded “You may have the facts, but I have reality.” This made Bruce realize Bernier preferred alternative facts over the truth.

The video ends with Bruce challenging Bernier to a public debate on the subject, Bernier has declined calls for a debate on supply management in the past from farmers and other CPC Leadership Candidates.

In less than 72 hours the video has almost 31K views and over 500 Facebook shares.

Bruce Sargent
Guelph, ON