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LETTER: Not a beleafer: city leaf collection plan leaves much to be desired

A GuelphToday reader has issues with leaves being left at the side of the road for pickup
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GuelphToday received the following letter from Russell Garrett regarding leaf collection in Guelph:

When I moved here seven years ago I was surprised by the system of raking leaves onto the street for pickup as no other place where I have lived used this system.

It seems to me to be inappropriate for a number of reasons. It blocks a portion of the street especially for bicycles but also for cars. If winter comes early it creates a problem for removal.

It is likely a fairly expensive process. Since two large machines and usually two idling trucks are at work the pollution cost must be high.

Leaves left to rot on the garden are good for the soil and remnants can be raked in the spring and put in the green bin for disposal. An alternate solution would be to provide larger green containers.

Guelph has smaller containers than other places. Stopping this process would save tax money.

– Russell Garrett