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LETTER: Reader comments on 'Local musicians highlight the fact it IS a climate emergency'

Reader takes issue with comparison of action needed to combat climate change to efforts by allies to win WWII
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GuelphToday recieved the following letter to the editor from reader Darrell Millington:

I read this letter with much despair.

The author compared what it will take to tackle some concerns that scientists are raising that human beings are effecting the climate to the effort needed for WWII.

To compare the senseless dismembering, killing, blowing up of soldiers men women and children to defeat the Nazi's of WWII to the effort needed to combat climate change is abhorrent.

By acknowledging this (by printing it) you yourself must believe this as well.

After reading my reply and thinking about the comparison, I only have one question. If you think it takes the same senseless acts, who's side are you on? Climate or mankind.