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LETTER: Some Christmas hampers 'lack needed goods'

'Rotten or expired food is not better than no food. It's worse,' says reader
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GuelphToday received the following letter to the editor from William Dewit regarding some of the Salvation Army Christmas hampers he's seen donated this year:

In response to Salvation Army Christmas hampers, I've been asked to look at four families' hampers this year, one for single, three for a family of two or more.

Though charities are a great and much appreciated relief for some recipients, some lack needed goods.

Say what you will about "beggars can't be choosers", when a family with children is in desperate need, "half empty" boxes, coffee mugs with radio ads and a book are not what they were hoping or looking for.

I give top props to those who donate either food, clothing or their time in cold weather to ensure those in need get the necessities.

You're all heroes in my book, but the top decision makers leave a bad taste.

Candy isn't food, veggie trays that smell very "off", expired food I wouldn't feed my dog and products that need money to compliment.

If one can not afford ground hamburger, it makes no sense to give them the "Helper".

As a person who has worked with "at risk" families and homeless shelters, based on what I saw this year, we should do "much" better.

Rotten or expired food is not better than no food. It's worse.

Maybe the hampers I saw were a glitch. Somehow I doubt that.

– William Dewit