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LETTER: Texture not the only issue when it comes to meat substitutes

A letter writer says nutritional value needs to be part of the plant-based diet discussion
The plant-based meat created by U of G researchers using zein, a corn waste product, to replicate the texture of meat.

GuelphToday received the following letter to the editor from reader Stephen Best in response to our story U of G researchers create more sustainable plant-based meat.

The article on research at the U of G on a new technique to improve meat substitutes was most interesting and showed great initiative in using by-products.

Sadly and surprisingly for a university featuring food production, there was no mention of nutritional values of the product.

The emphasis on avoiding gluten and chemical problems was excellent, but the conclusion that current products that have these problems could still be consumed was shocking. The very brief dismissal of alternative sources of protein was also shocking.

There is a current very serious attack on land use for food production in Ontario in the Greenbelt and expanded urban boundaries. This attack is not led by meat producing animals, but land developers with money and expensive housing.

Some integrative research on food sources into the future along with health of people and the interdependent web of life would be welcome additions to this topic.

James W Wilton