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Stop littering our city!

'Keep it and throw it out when you get home,' says reader
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GuelphToday received the following Letter to the Editor from reader Terry Shoemaker regarding the increased amount of litter on boulevards and roadsides.

As a walker and a bike rider in Guelph it is increasingly evident that motorists are throwing more and more garbage out of their cars.

Fast food wrappers, half eaten lunches, liquor bottles and beer cans are everywhere along our streets.

Take a look at any roadside or boulevard in this city.

What are people thinking that makes this an acceptable practice?

I have called the city on a couple of occasions to pick up lots of discarded garbage along Victoria Rd. S. and College Ave. E. that I see when I am biking. It is picked up promptly.

Three weeks later a new rash of litter replaces what was cleaned up.

It is illegal to throw anything from your vehicle.

Come on Guelphites, you are better than this. Keep it and throw it out when you get home.

- Terry Shoemaker