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200 speeding tickets issued in a week

No fatalities or serious injuries
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WELLINGTON COUNTY –Wellington County Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) was involved in Canada Road Safety Week which ran from May 17 – 23, 2016. 

This was a Canada-wide campaign with a goal to make roads safer and save lives. 

Wellington County OPP focused on the “Big Four” major causes of death and injuries on roadways: impaired driving, aggressive driving, distracted driving and failure to wear or improper use of seat belts.

Results from the campaign resulted in the following charges:

  •  1         Alcohol/Impaired driving                      
  •  6         Warn Range Suspensions
  •  1         90 day Suspension
  •  7         Stop and Yield                                       
  •  3         Careless Driving
  •  200     Speeding                                                
  •  4         Racing                                                    
  •  24       Seat Belt                                                 
  •  3         Distracted Driving                                  

Wellington County OPP Detachment Commander Inspector Scott Lawson says, “Our officers worked hard over the week and into the long weekend. There was an increase in traffic volume and calls for service as we always see leading up to the long weekend. By focusing on the 'Big 4' we did make our county roads safer with no fatalities or serious collisions involving injuries. We will continue to make traffic safety a top priority for our roadways.”