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Breaking news: Guelph rockers Mandroid Echostar win Juno Award

Voted best heavy metal album
Mandroid Echostar

OTTAWA - Guelph rock band Mandroid Echostar won the Juno Award Saturday night.

Their album Coral Throne was chosen as Best Heavy Metal Album of the year.

Mandroid Echostar consists of Sam Pattison, Stephen Richards, Michael Ciccia, James Krul, Matt H-K and Adam Richards.

All the members are from Guelph or other parts of Wellington County.

The band has been going six years and the current lineup around four years.

Coral Throne is the progressive metal band's first full-length album, following a four-song self-titled EP in 2012 and a seven-song EP called Citadels in 2013.

For more about the band and samples of their music go to their Facebook page.