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Clair/Maltby open space plan includes 10-hectare community park

A total of 38 hectares of open space being recommended by staff in plans for future south end expansion between Clair Road and Maltby Road
new clair road
Plans for the Clair-Maltby area.

The city has released its preliminary open space strategy for the Clair-Maltby area and it includea 10-hectare (25 acre) park.

Also in the plan are eight one-hectare (2.5 acre) parks and a 20-hectare (50-acre) greenspace with trails.

The recommendations for the Clair-Maltby open space system strategy will be presented at city council's Committee of the Whole meeting on March 2.

The strategy recommends 38 hectares of open space, an area equal to almost 47 football fields, said a City of Guelph news release.

The creation of additional recreation and greenspace will also be explored as the City plans stormwater management facilities for Clair-Maltby.

“This open space allocation meets our parkland target for Clair-Maltby of between 32-52 hectares,” says Stacey Laughlin, senior policy planner for the city.

City staff presented a preferred community structure for Clair-Maltby to council in May 2019. Council approved the structure, except for the community park, and directed staff to further explore the recommended location for the park.

Council will discuss staff’s recommendation for the open space system strategy on March 2 and make a final decision at the Council meeting on March 30.