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Double-double and a download: Guelph location has the fastest Tim Hortons Wi-Fi in Canada

Download speeds at the Clair Road Tim Hortons finished on top of an analysis of 1,469 locations
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This restaurant on Clair Road in Guelph has the fastest WiFi of any Tim Hortons in the country.

Most Canadians know Tim Hortons as a leading source of double-doubles and donuts, but what you might not realize is with over 4,000 locations across the country, it's also one of the largest providers of free Wi-Fi in Canada.

Now, an online tech publication has named the Tim Hortons on Clair Road in Guelph, Ont. as the most well-connected location in that massive network. 

For its analysis, PCMag looked at 3,051 mobile speed tests run at 1,469 Tim Hortons outlets in 2021. After excluding locations with just a single test, it zeroed in on the 20 locations with the highest average download speed — top among them: 158 Clair Rd. E. 

Staff members at the south Guelph location were surprised to learn they'd earned the distinction when GuelphToday visited on Monday. In an email, franchise owner Ryan Kahro said news was "surprising and fun for sure," but declined to offer further comment. 

PCMag found the Clair Road Tim Hortons had an average download speed of 325 megabit/second. That's 14 times faster than the data set average of 23 megabit/second. 

A franchise just off Bathurst Street in Toronto finished close behind the Guelph location, with an average download speed of 309 megabit/second. A location in Etobicoke came in third at 250 megabit/second.

Tim Hortons did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


Alison Sandstrom

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