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ELECTION '18: Only two new faces on Guelph City Council

All 11 incumbents that ran kept their seats

All 11 members of the current city council retained their seats in Monday's municipal election.

The only two new faces will be candidates who filled vacancies.

Dominique O'Rourke earned the most votes in Ward 6, where she replaced Karl Wettstein, who didn't run in this election.

Rodrigo Goller finished second in Ward 2 behind James Gordon, and will replace Andy Van Hellemond on council, who didn't run this time.

The closest race was in Ward 4, where incumbent Mike Salisbury held on to his seat by just 201 votes over Indu Arora.

Of the so-called Cam Guthrie Slate, only one of the six new candidates that mayor Cam Guthrie supported at the door, Goller, won. 


Dan Gibson 3,033

Bob Bell 2,361

Barbara Mann 1,898

Charlene Downey 1,748

Jamie Killingsworth 1,057

Mark Gernon 737

Jax Thornton 172

Dave Heffernan 151


James Gordon 3,009

Rodrigo Goller 2,728

Jonathan Knowles 1,591

Dorothe Fair 1,341

Mary Thring 996

Sudha Sharma 170


Phil Allt 3,187

June Hofland 2,764

Patrick Sheridan 1,319

Jason Dodge 1,054

Steven Petric 351


Christine Billings 2,330

Mike Salisbury 1,702

Indu Arora 1,501

Peter Hamtak 945

Matt Saunders 877

Brendan Clark 702

Eli Ridder 694


Leanne Piper 3,719

Cathy Downer 3,525

Alex Green 1,762


Dominique O'Rourke 4,133

Mark MacKinnon 3,137

Stacy Cooper 2,012

Anshu Khurana 870

Usha Arora 745

Lise Burcher 406


Tony Saxon

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