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Guelph's south end gets a bit more artsy with Crock A Doodle (6 photos)

New pottery painting studio opens on Gordon Street

Noberta Tanudjaja spent years helping other people's businesses succeed, so she though it was time to give her own a try.

Tanudjaja is the owner of Crock A Doodle, a new pottery painting studio that opened in Guelph's south end a month ago on Gordon Street in the Borealis plaza.

The business offers pre-made pottery pieces for purchase, ranging from small children's figures and piggy banks up to more adult-oriented items like platters, beer steins and wine glasses. You then paint them and Tanudjaja fires them in an on-site kiln to be picked up a few days later.

"It's the perfect time for me. My daughter is older and doesn't need me as much anymore. It's time for myself," said Tanudjaja.

"I have all this time right now and I think it's time for me to do something for myself."

Previously she managed several restaurants and worked in other retail.

"I thought 'I have the experience managing a business, so why not try my own businesses," Tanudjaja said. "I have the background, so why not do it for myself?"

Now, she said, "I work for myself."

As a resident of the south end and a parent, she said she was aware that the area was lacking in things for families to do together.

"This is a new area and there's not much for kids' entertainment," Tanudjaja said. "I thought this is something that's really good for this community and for this area. It really needs it.

"Sometimes on a rainy day there is not much for kids to do."

Birthday parties, seniors events, corporate team building, drop-in sessions and school trips are all part of Crock A Doodle's target audience.

"I love the concept of the company and it's family oriented. All ages, from newborn to grandparents," she said.

"We had a team building event a little while ago where a company came in and they made something for each other."

The Guelph location is the 36th location of Crock A Doodle in Ontario and out west. The company was founded in 2002 by a woman in Brantford.

More details about Crock A Doodle can be found on its web site.