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Mary wants you to sing it, girls!

The all girl music program, which now has classes across Ontario, fosters self-esteem and self-worth in young girls
2018-01-10 Mary Parkinson
Mary Parkinson, a local music therapist, will be facilitating the Sing It Girls! program in Guelph. Brianna Bell for GuelphToday

A popular preteen group vocal class, Sing It Girls!, is making its debut in Guelph later this month.

Sing It Girls! is a unique all girls music program founded by Adrienne Pringle and Cathy Thompson. Pringle and Thompson developed the all girl music program, which now has classes across Ontario, to foster self-esteem and self-worth in young girls.

“A lot of girls love singing, and it’s a great way for girls to learn about having a strong assertive voice,” said Pringle.

Sing It Girls! is being offered for the first time in Guelph. Mary Parkinson, a Guelph-based music therapist will be leading the program, which is geared towards girls ages 7 to 12.

The interactive vocal group program is designed to help young girls find their voice, whether its for singing or standing up to bullies.

Pringle confirmed that students must be between the ages of 7 and 12. Although the age range is wide, she said that older students act as mentors to younger girls and develop strong relationships with one another.

The program includes breathing exercises that help develop a strong singing and speaking voice. Girls will sing songs that are popular and contain a strong message. The class includes the opportunity for the girls to create their own positive songs and chants as well. Activities also include drawing while listening to music, and identifying their feelings while hearing different songs, said Pringle.

The class goes beyond singing, and there is an opportunity for participants to sit down and talk about issues they may be experiencing, from bullying and self-esteem. Because Parkinson is a Music Therapist, she is qualified to speak to the students about mental health issues and provide feedback and support, confirmed Pringle.

Pringle said that the instructor will then go through strategies to help deal with whatever issues the students bring up.

Strategies may include mindfulness exercises, breathing and finding a calm centre, and yoga.

“It’s very much in the spirit of the time of giving girls strong voices. Our dream would be that every girl across Canada could experience a program like this,” Pringle said.

Sing It Girls! is an hour-long 8-week program starting Tuesday, Jan. 16 and ending on Tuesday, March 6, starting at 5:30 p.m. and ending at 6:30 p.m. The group is meeting at Ballroom Class Studio at 26 Eramosa Dr., and the fee is $150 plus HST.

Spaces are still available. To sign up, please click here. Visit Beyond The Studio for more information about the program.