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New $55 million library on city's wish list for 2020, but that could change

$60 million south end rec centre for 2019, but recommended 2017 capital budget warns city doesn't have money for all the projects on its 10-year forecast
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The latest city capital forecast has $60 million earmarked for a new south end community centre in 2019 and $55 million for a new main branch public library in 2020.

But in the 2017 Recommended Capital Budget and Forecast released Tuesday afternoon, staff warns the city does not currently have the money for those projects and that further options could be presented next year. "Based on historical trends and the City’s current financial status, the city projects there will not be enough funding available to fully implement or complete all the capital programs of work as described in the budget document." 

It should be noted that that forecast is a constantly changing document, with projects moving on, off, up and down the forecast on a regular basis.

In fact the budget document proposed by staff says that of the city makes no commitment to a new library or community centre in the 2017 budget, staff will "provide options for council to consider with respect to certain projects (i.e., library)" next year.

The preferred location for a 150,000 square-foot community centre remains on city-owned land behind Bishop Macdonell high school.

Staff is recommending the city retain an architect and consultant to move the community centre project to the detailed design phase in 2018.

The full recommended tax-supported budget document, one of several to come, is available here.

It goes to council on Nov. 3 for discussion and deliberation. Public delegations are accepted.