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New mental health campaign aims to have residents share their silver linings in 2020

The creators of the campaign, Claire Knight and Jenn Price, hope to provide an outlet for those struggling with mental health
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Two women are launching an online campaign to help residents focus on the silver linings they’ve experienced in 2020.

Share Your Silver Lining...Save A Life is a mental health initiative encouraging residents to post a positive moment that they experienced this year online through #ShareYourSilverLining. 

The creators of the campaign are Claire Knight and Jenn Price, who hope to provide an outlet which will encourage and inspire people who are struggling with mental health.

“This is a platform where we’re encouraging people of all  genders and ages to share the positives,” said Knight.

Sitting on the board for Suicide Awareness Council, Knight mentions they have seen the effects that COVID has caused for many people, good and bad. She said their message for residents is that it’s okay not to be okay.

“(With) everything that happened over the last year, there are some beautiful things that have happened,” she explains, “Not just with people individually, but within their own communities, and around the world.”

Both said expressing gratitude for the positive things that have happened can be beneficial for mental health and well-being, especially as we continue to cope with the pandemic.

“Just because it’s now magically 2021 doesn’t mean that any of that stuff is going away,” said Price, “So it’s really important to focus on the positives that have occurred unexpectedly…. So we really honed in on the ‘silver linings’ concept.”

Along with providing a platform for residents, the initiative will also look to raise money for the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). Knight said those who don’t feel like sharing a story can make a donation directly to CMHA through a link on their page.

“Our goal is to raise $2,500 dollars, but I think we can do much better than that,” she said.

The initiative starts on Jan. 2 and will run until early March. Price explains that they chose to run their eight week campaign during a time when mental health is at its lowest.

“With isolation happening, mental health crises are up,” said Price, “So we wanted to do something that would help motivate and keep 

Besides wanting to support individuals, both women wanted to help support local businesses as well. During each week of the campaign, a different business will be featured. These businesses will share a positive moment and offer an item to go in a giveaway.

By the end of the campaign, everyone who shared a story or donated to the campaign will be entered in a final draw for a one-night stay at the Elora Mill.

“Highlighting these local businesses was something important to Claire and I as well, ” said Price, “Without them, you lose your sense of community.”

While their initiative has only been organized to go for eight weeks, both would be interested in continuing to provide a space for mental well-being however long it’s needed.

“We really see that this could be a constant thing,” said Knight about Share Your Silver Lining.

“This could have staying power, so we’re up for it if it’s successful as we think it will be.”

To learn more about Share Your Silver Lining, check out their Facebook page or find them on Instagram.


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