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New south end restaurant targets sushi-loving students (7 Photos)

Owner Pam Chen, who previously owned Samura Japanese Restaurant on Woodlawn Road, says the new location will allow traffic to flow easily

There is a new sushi place in town that promises to serve healthy and authentic Japanese cuisine.

Located on 1219 Gordon St. and just a walking distance from the University of Guelph, owner of Gordon Sushi House Pam Chen knew this was the right location to serve his targeted demographic: students. 

“I want to give people healthier food choices than fast food,” says Chen. “I want to add more variety to the area by bringing healthier choices especially for students in the area.” 

With little room to dine inside, the restaurant focuses on orders to go. The quick ready-to-go business model, allows customers to order fresh sushi that takes 15-20 minutes to create. The restaurant features a large kitchen that is able to manage large orders for delivery and online pickup. 

The restaurant features authentic dishes such as gyoza, pan-fried Japanese beef dumplings, a variety of tempura, oyako don, a rice dish, veggie sushi rolls and hand rolls, sushi and sashimi, soups salad, udon noodles, maki rolls and much more.

Chen previously owned the Samura Japanese Restaurant on Woodlawn Road for seven years.

He decided to sell it and open a new location on Gordon Street that would naturally attract many students.

Currently on its third day, Gordon Sushi House is already busy.

And for Chen, this is a dream come true. 

“He loves to make sushi,” says friend and server Su Liang. 

Chen moved to Canada in 2006 from Japan where he learned how to make sushi for four years in Okinawa. 

He opened his first sushi restaurant named Natural Sushi in 2007 in Toronto and it wasn't until he moved to Guelph that he experienced tremendous success. 

With a new business model and location, Chen is ready to serve real Japanese food for the new school year.