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Pablo's World of Cartoons

Celebrating 10 years of inspiring talented children

The much beloved Pablo’s World of Cartoons is celebrating ten years in business this year.

The cartoonist and owner of Pablo’s World of Cartoons, Pablo Suarez, has built his educational art programs delivering the services his clients have asked him for.

Pablo’s World of Cartoons offers a variety of educational art programs that develop and nurture creativity in each individual student, particularly through the technique of cartoon drawing.

Suarez said that parents and students have guided the variety of programs that are offered through his business; when there is a demand, Pablo is happy to offer the program.

Suarez has a full calendar and offers a variety of programs, including his popular summer and March break camps, birthday parties, after school programs, and classroom instruction at schools in Guelph and surrounding cities.

It all began in April 2008, when Suarez offered cartoon instruction at a local after school program. He quickly realized that parents and students were eager for more programming.

At the time Suarez was working as a manager at a grocery store, but it didn’t take long for Pablo’s World of Cartoons to become a full-time business.

“Parents were asking me if I did summer camp, and so I said yes,” said Suarez.

From there he continued building Pablo’s World of Cartoons, and now has full camps and programs with waiting lists.

Pablo’s World of Cartoons operates mostly out of the Youth Music Centre at 75 Cardigan Street, but Suarez also spends a lot of time travelling to schools to teach students about cartooning, basing his instruction on whatever the class is learning at the time.

Suarez, who was born and raised in the Philippines, began drawing at six-years-old after his mother encouraged him to try art.

“I was very shy, and the way that I express myself was through art,” said Suarez, who has a degree in Fine Arts from the Philippines, and studied Cartooning in San Francisco.

Suarez said that his philosophy as an art educator  is to encourage students to focus on their own art, and not compare themselves to others. He explained that it's important to create a non-competitive environment, and nurture each child to practice and grow as an artist.

Some former students of Pablo’s World of Cartoons go on to become volunteers at camps, and are then hired to work as instructors.

“Most of the people that work with me are former campers. This year I’ve hired three former campers,” said Suarez.

In the spring Suarez is planning to organize a ten year reunion of his original campers from the first summer camp in 2008.

“I’m bringing back the original campers. I still see them around,” said Suarez, who said many students see him around Guelph and share their experience as campers with him.

“I just love what I’m doing, and that’s what carries me through,” said the beloved Guelph cartoonist.

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