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Priority groups can now pre-register to be vaccinated: WDG Public Health

COVID-19 vaccination is not yet available for the general public
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Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health is inviting certain higher-risk groups within the community to pre-register online for upcoming COVID-19 vaccination appointments.

Frontline workers and adults over 80 are among those who can now register online at

Due to a limited number of vaccines and high demand, public health explains prioritization is necessary in order to determine eligibility. COVID-19 vaccination is not yet available for the general public.

Those who are eligible to pre-register for an appointment include:

  • Adult 80 years of age and older
  • Indigenous adult 
  • Long-term care and/or retirement home staff
  • Essential support staff in long-term care and retirement homes
  • Essential caregivers in long-term care and high-risk retirement homes  
  • Adult recipient of chronic home care
  • Healthcare workers in hospitals; COVID-19 response roles (e.g., asssessment centres, outbreak response, COVID-19 immunization clinics) 
  • Paramedics 
  • Community healthcare workers serving specialized populations 
  • Community healthcare workers serving the general population 
  • Healthcare worker in congregate settings 
  • Healthcare services for indigenous populations 
  • Laboratory services 
  • Non-acute and rehabilitation and therapy 
  • Public health

For vaccination purposes, public health officials explain a healthcare worker is defined as anyone working or volunteering in a healthcare organization, including regulated health professionals and staff not providing direct patient care such as cleaning, food or administration services. 

Public Health adds any worker providing healthcare services or direct patient service in a setting outside of a healthcare organization is also defined as a healthcare worker who is eligible to pre-register.

Once pre-registered, individuals will be contacted via text or email which will include a website link and code for residents to use to schedule their appointment. Public Health officials say residents should check their junk mail if they do not see an email.

On appointment day, residents are asked to bring in workplace identification and a letter from their employer to confirm who is part of a priority group. 

Public health officials mention residents who are found providing false information may have their appointment cancelled and be reported to the appropriate regulatory body.