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Province extends most Bill 23 commenting deadlines

Numerous municipalities, including Guelph, and agencies called for more time
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Municipalities, the public and agencies throughout the province will have more time to provide comments on proposed changes to most of the legislation which could be impacted by the proposed More Homes Built Faster Act.

On the heels of numerous pleas for more time, including one from Guelph council, on Thursday the provincial government agreed to extend the commenting period for many of the draft changes.

While the bill has the stated goal of helping create 1.5 million new homes by 2031, municipalities and groups throughout the province have raised concerns about the financial impact on existing property taxpayers, as well as the environment.

In most cases, the commenting period has been extended from Nov. 24 to Dec. 9, while others now have until Dec. 30.

However, there are some impacted pieces of legislation for which the commenting period wasn’t extended, including the proposed changes to the Ontario Wetland Evaluation System.