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Telephone scam involves threatening calls

Guelph Hydro is warning its customers of what is a very sophisticated scam
phone scam fraud
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Guelph Hydro has been advised that some customers have received calls today threatening disconnection and demanding immediate payment by credit card for an overdue account.

When customers call the number provided, a very professional automated voice response answers, “Guelph Hydro Utility Billing Line” and instructs the caller to enter their Guelph Hydro account number and provide their credit card information to make a payment.

Guelph Hydro is warning customers that this is a very sophisticated scam.

Do not give your account number or credit card number. Hang up and call Guelph Hydro at 519-822-3010 during normal business hours to report the call and verify your account.

Guelph Hydro does not disconnect customers without prior notice. We mail disconnect notices, hand deliver notices, make phone calls and knock on the door when a disconnection is about to take place.

Customers are encouraged to warn friends and family members of this scam.