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Up goes the Longo's. South end growth accelerates (16 photos)

Traditional construction season begins, and with it, frantic construction activity

Every season has become a construction season in Guelph in recent years. But as the traditional construction season arrives, south end development is accelerating.

The steel structure is up on the new Longo’s grocery store along Clair Road West, at the corner of Gordon Street S. It’s big, and the commercial development around it will also be large-scale.

The Bird Landing subdivision behind the commercial development is sold out and filling in, with Beacon Hill, an additional 32 stacked townhouses, set to begin in the same neighbourhood.

Guelph’s unstoppable southward spread has several planning applications in the works. A number of those are planned for land that currently, and for decades, has been occupied by single, large homes on acreages. A number of those sites are south of Clair Road along Gordon.

A massive neighbourhood along Clair Road E. which started just over a year ago, is now filling in, with a mix of single-detached homes, townhouses, and condominium apartment complexes. As of right now, about 20 houses are under construction along new streets like Burcombe Crossing and Dallan Drive. Such streets do not yet appear on Google Maps. 

Another proposed development zone at 331 Clair Road E. is a glimpse into what used to be along Clair. A historic limestone house, the windows boarded up, is what remains of a former farm surrounded by gently rolling hills.

The Hanlon Creek Business Park in the southwest corner of the city continues to add new commercial and industrial buildings, and new tenants. The latest building, at 197 Hanlon Creek Blvd., appears to be at the final stage of its exterior work. There is a lot of land to fill in the node.