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UPDATE: Region has only one COVID-positive patient in ICU

25 in acute care have tested positive for COVID
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*EDITOR'S NOTE: It is important to note that all case count numbers are understated as the province has urged most people who are asymptomatic or experiencing mild symptoms to no longer get tested.

COVID update Friday, May 13, 2022.

WDG Public Health regional hospitalization: 25 COVID-positive patients in acute care and 1 COVID-positive patients in ICU (as of May 9).

WDG Public Health vaccinations: 742 fourth doses given May 8-14.

WDG Public Health vaccination status (of those eligible):

Wellington County: Fully vaccinated 5+, 86.2 per cent (91.4 per cent 18+); Fully vaccinated and booster 18+, 64.2 per cent.

Guelph: Full vaccinated 5+, 90.3 per cent (93.7 per cent of those 18+); Fully vaccinated and booster 18+, 66.6 per cent.

Guelph General Hospital: 13 in-patients tested positive; 20 COVID-positive staff; 5 staff awaiting test results.


Cases to date: 11,118

Deaths: 53

Active cases: 171

Resolved: 10,894

*Wellington County

Cases to date: 5,615

Deaths: 53

Active cases: 63

Resolved: 5,500

Active Facility Outbreaks (patient-resident cases/staff cases (deaths))

Heritage River (Elora): 10/0

Lapointe Fisher: 13/2

– all data provided by public health