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Bumaroo, Otherwise Studios, and Silenceco-present: 2021 Co-Create Residency Project Launch Event

By: Guelph Arts Council

Thursday, June 24 at 7:00 p.m., nine (9) collaborative projects culminated from the 2021 Co-Create Residency Program hosted by local organizations, Bumaroo and Otherwise Studios, will be featured in a capstone Project Launch Event, streamed to Facebook and YouTube and co-presented by Silence. Friends, family, and community members from all over were welcome to join us as we celebrate the artists and their final projects created for the residency.

The event launch will give the community a chance to hear from the artists themselves about their projects and collaborative process, and to watch and listen to the final projects as they are released for the first time ever to the public. Community members can join in the celebrations by using the stream link for the event which will be available and posted on June 24, on the Facebook Event Page.

Co-Create Residency was invented in the Summer of 2020 as a response to the pandemic and in hopes of keeping artists creating, connected, and inspired despite the challenges they were given. After a successful first year, Bumaroo and Otherwise Studios decided to team up again to host the program in 2021. “It was cool to see so many participants expand their practice throughout the residency. Many artists attempted new ways of making, tried out unfamiliar tools and through collaboration learned from others in the community”, said Abby Nowakowski, co-founder of Otherwise Studios.This year’s Co-Create Residency Program features eighteen (18) artists with a variety of creative practices ranging from music and visual art to comedy and dance. Collaborative pairs were selected and matched together based on their common interests and goals as well as how their individual practices complemented each other:


Aosiva&Callum Sheedy

Laundrymatcowgrrl&Animal Boy

Mei Lein Harrison&Kendra Marie Brophy

Laura Sones&Phil Irish

Justin Laguff&Teddy’s Atlas

Charity Cruz&Shëbåd

Brenda Reid&Lauren Prousky

Braeden Etienne&Emily Reimer

Aimee Ruoff&Samson Wrote


Throughout the one-month residency, residents met for the first time, dreamed and brainstormed, and worked hard to create collaborative projects that are each unique to the common interests of the pair. The goal of the residency is to make it as accessible as possible, meaning residents were provided with creative guidance and resources, video and audio support, as well as equipment, materials, and venues to complete their projects.

After the final launch event, the projects created throughout the residency will be available for viewing to the public at and will feature new music, artworks,and more. The teams at Bumaroo and Otherwise were blown away by the work inspired by a broad range of topics and concepts. “Seeing these projects develop and grow over the course of the residency is always a treat! I think we all feel really lucky to have such talented artists on board. The final projects have definitely outdone our expectations!”, said Stephane Guenette, co-founder of Bumaroo.

Co-Create 2021 is grateful to our sponsors and supporters, who helped to provide honorariums to the artists, equipment, materials, practice or creation space, and who helped to expand the program: Silence, Brothers Brewing Company, Good Company Productions, Long & McQuade, Wyndham Art Supplies, Art Not Shame, Renann Isaacs Contemporary Art, and Necessary Arts Collective.


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