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No new disc golf course for Puslinch

There was opposition to a course being installed at Fox Run Park
The Puslinch council is not moving forward with the construction of a frisbee golf course at this time.

PUSLINCH — A disc golf course is not coming to Puslinch ... at least not now.

At its Wednesday meeting, the township council decided to defer the idea.

Puslinch staff made a report on the issue ahead of the council session.

“I took from the report that staff are suggesting we no longer pursue the initiative. It’s too bad we can’t kind of make this going,” Coun. Sara Bailey said.

There is a youth advisory committee being set up which was suggested may be able to move this conversion, on a new disc golf course in Puslinch, forward.

“But I’m wondering if maybe we can defer it maybe to the youth advisory committee, or just kind of keep it on the radar,” Bailey said.

There was a time when the idea of a new disc golf course seemed promising.

“The rec committee talked about it. And all of us would obviously like to see increased recreational opportunities in the township. And at first glance this seemed sort of  like an easy add,” Coun. Jessica Goyda said.

Trying to have the disc golf course installed in Fox Run Park may have been a mistake, council members said.

“But as it turns out and as the report indicates, it’s maybe not best suited for Fox Run Park. So I support staff’s recommendation and maybe it’s something we talk about again in the future,” Goyda said. 

“But I think for right now, maybe, it’s something we just sort of shelf."

“I would agree with parking it for now,” Coun. John Sepulis said.

The mayor is optimistic the youth advisory committee could have fresh ideas for the project.

“I agree with parking it. And you remember that new youth committee, so there’s opportunities to bring that conversation to them, it can always come back to council,” Mayor James Seeley said.

Jesse Gault is the Local Journalism Initiative reporter for GuelphToday. LJI is a federally-funded program.