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LETTER: Safe injection sites save lives

Guelph's public consultation on continued use of safe injection sites has begun and concerned Guelphite, Ryan Herron, argues for saving lives
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GuelphToday has received the following letter of support for continued use of safe injection sites in Guelph:

As Guelph begins a public consultation over the continued use of safe injection sites in our city I thought it would be a good time to write on the issue.

These sites are vital for many of our most vulnerable people in Guelph and have saved numerous lives since opening.

Many people see it as the government legalizing hard drugs but the truth is this drug use would occur anyways so at the very least let it occur in a controlled environment where medical attention is just seconds away. It saves taxpayer money by lowering overdose rates and lifts a burden from the already crowded Guelph General Hospital. Most importantly however, if it was your son or daughter caught up in this horrible disease of addiction, you'd want someone there for them.

Please Guelph, support the continued operation of this site and others like it across the province. You're saving lives.

- Ryan Herron