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LETTER: The toys must be hiding

Letter writer Marian Barltrop is upset at the disappearance of children's toys in the playground at Exhibition Park
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GuelphToday received the following letter from Marian Barltrop regarding toys being removed from Exhibition Park:

On our way to Exhibition Park on Tuesday of this week, with trepidation I watched the trucks leaving the playground area. I was aware the toys were being removed as the city claimed there were ‘too many toys, trip hazards, barriers to accessibility and hazards from broken toys’.

I get it that broken metal toys can cause injury but less likely with plastic. I do not agree with their other reasons. These are sand toys.

As we approached the playground, my three-year-old grandson said “where are the construction toys? I tried to explain the city took them away but he could not understand and therefore his only explanation was that “they were hiding”.

He then asked if I could help him find them. Until this time, I have been very impressed that there are toys available at the playground where children learn to share and leave them behind for others.

The trust and sharing is evident. Even the not so perfect toys are used with creativity. It’s a sad world when toys are taken away.

- Marian Barltrop