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Wine All the Time

<b>Weekend Wine: </b> It's Greek to me!

Weekend Wine: It's Greek to me!

This week Vin brings us some of the rich wines from Greece for a taste of some delightfully different vintages.
<b>Weekend Wine: </b> Distillerie Rheault

Weekend Wine: Distillerie Rheault

This week Vin visits a small distillerie in Hearst, Ontario.
<b>Weekend wine:</b> Air, Anyone?

Weekend wine: Air, Anyone?

This week, Vin airs the truth about decanting
<b>Weekend Wine: </b> After the Wine…Then What?

Weekend Wine: After the Wine…Then What?

This week, Vin Greco muses about residue. In particular, the question of pomace
<b>Weekend Wine:</b> Sipping... and spitting!

Weekend Wine: Sipping... and spitting!

This week, Vin Greco takes us inside the world of wine tasting
<b>Weekend Wine: </b> Supermarket Sales

Weekend Wine: Supermarket Sales

By now, most are aware that the Ontario government plans to expand the sale of wine, like beer, to Ontario supermarkets. While Premier Kathleen Wynne’s comment that now Ontarians can soon buy wine with their cheese at the same time may be accurate,
<b>Weekend Wine: </b> That's new to me

Weekend Wine: That's new to me

One of the fascinating things about wine is that there is always something to discover, not the least of which are grapes that I had never heard of before.
<b>Weekend Wine: </b> You gotta have heart

Weekend Wine: You gotta have heart

At least, that’s the focus as this weekend brings us Valentine’s Day. It would be hard not to notice, given that merchants have hauled out the hearts and cupids and encourage us to express our love with a purchase of one kind or another.